Regardless of the project’s scale, Megen provides an extensive suite of construction services tailored to clients’ needs. These services are delivered with excellence and made possible by the diverse knowledge, experience, and expertise of our industry professionals.


Construction Management

Our experience has shown that some clients have construction needs where there is not adequate time to fully design, bid and then build...

These clients prefer to facilitate the process by starting construction prior to completing the construction documents. Others may be faced with a complex project, which requires early collaboration of the design and construction team, in order to be successfully accomplished. These clients are perfect candidates for the construction management delivery method. Under this method, Megen will manage and coordinate the design and construction process for an agreed upon fee.

General Contracting

We are experts in this traditional approach to contracting for clients who solicit our involvement at the conclusion of the design phase...

With this approach, Megen uses a combination of its own resources and direct subcontracting to assume total responsibility for labor, material, equipment and supervision required to successfully complete the project for a agreed-upon total fee. This arrangement limits the Owner’s exposure to risk, since the Owner has no direct contractual relationship with the subcontractors hired to perform the work.


The design-build approach is conducive for clients who prefer a single point of responsibility for both the design and the construction...

With our design-build program, Megen Construction is not only responsible for contracting with various subcontractors to perform the work, but is also responsible for hiring the design team. Errors and/or design omissions are thus the responsibility of Megen, who is referred to as the Design-Builder.

Owner Agent

This hybrid construction delivery method is designed for owners who have limited or no facilities personnel to manage their building program...

Our highly skilled Owner’s representatives will become, in essence, an extension of the Owner’s staff. As the owner agent, Megen functions may include site selection, hiring of the design and construction team, and control of the project’s overall budget.


Our estimating department, led by a Certified Professional Estimator, is preferred by top architects who need accurate estimates for their projects...

Architects are increasingly being challenged to produce designs that not only meet the functional and aesthetic desires of their clients, but also meet the owner’s intended budget. Megen’s ability to conceptualize the design intent early in the design stage allows the production of a solid schematic estimate, which forms the foundation for future estimates as the design develops. Over Megen’s 25+ year history, we have provided preconstruction and estimating services to owners and architects both locally and nationally.

LEED & Sustainabiliity

Megen has experience helping clients obtain efficient, sustainable design with minimum impact to the construction cost...

Over the past few years, Megen has successfully completed 20+ LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certified projects in the State of Ohio, and built Ohio’s first LEED Platinum building. With LEED Accredited Professionals on staff, Megen is fully equipped to meet our clients’ desire for sustainable buildings.


Megen Works is our self-perform division, another means to deliver Encore Construction Experiences to clients via our team of skilled professionals...

As a division of Megen Construction, Megen Works benefits projects by saving time, increasing flexibility, reducing costs and ensuring safety to deliver a high-quality facilities. Megen Works’ team of skilled craftspeople has the expertise and capability to perform carpentry, drywall, doors/hardware installation, general trade work, and specialties.

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© 2022, Megen Construction Company

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