National Underground Railroad Freedom Center Museum

Recounting the story of the underground railroad to promote freedom everywhere.


National Underground Railroad Freedom Center




Lead Construction Manager


Cincinnati, Ohio


Dugan & Meyers
The Brown Organization
Blackburn/Boora Architects

Awards & Honors

2005 Aon Build America Award Winner

Located on the Ohio River at a historic landing point for those seeking freedom from slavery and oppression, the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center lifts up the values of courage, cooperation and perseverance. A deeply personal project for Megen, the saga of the Underground Railroad, and its courageous participants, inspires visitors to renew their commitment to fight for freedom wherever tyranny exists.

This 160,000 SF educational and interactive museum is a 3-pod building featuring interactive multi-media exhibits, a 325-seat theater, history galleries, public forum rooms, research area, education resource center and a two-story slave pen. Constructed on top of an existing parking garage and adjacent to Fort Washington Way, the museum’s structure is three separate, curving pavilions connected by bridges on the second and third floors, and is comprised of a structural steel frame with large sandstone panels attached to the structure.

Throughout construction, the center’s central urban location required tremendous cooperation with multiple public and private entities. There were many challenges with this project including difficult site logistics and coordination of exotic materials (stone from Italy). Despite these challenges, Megen’s dedicated team maintained the original schedule and delivered the building on time. The project was awarded the 2005 Build America Award, recognizing construction excellence and projects that build a better America.


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Project Diversity


Managed contractors


Workers on-site

Achieving a level of workforce inclusivity unprecedented in the city’s history.

Constructed with innovative, exotic materials from Columbia, Italy and Zimbabwe

Model for excellence, ingenuity and teamwork

“Working with Megen for several years, we forged a close relationship characterized by respect and trust. They faced many challenges making real our vision, but their success stands proudly for all to see.”

Alpha Blackburn
President, Blackburn Architects