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Joint Emergency Medical Services (J.E.M.S.), City of Carlisle Fire Dept.




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The relocation of the JEMS District headquarters became necessary due to ongoing construction projects near its current facility and upcoming infrastructure projects. With secured funding, a new shared headquarters facility with the Carlisle Fire Department is being constructed at a more central location, bringing JEMS closer to the majority of their operations and enhancing response times for the community. Dedicated to delivering progressive and high-quality emergency and preventive services, JEMS collaborates with the Franklin Twp Fire and Carlisle Fire Departments on various vehicle, fire, and medical incidents.

In 2022, Megen was chosen as the construction manager for this crucial community facility. The new 16,000 SF headquarters will serve as a hub for staff, emergency vehicles, and community programs for the J.E.M.S. District and Carlisle Fire Department. Featuring a CMU structure with brick veneer and structural wood trusses supporting the roof, the interior will include four garage apparatus bays, living quarters, training space, a combined kitchen/dining area, decontamination shower and changing area, fitness room, laundry room, shared office space, and storage rooms.

As construction manager, our team spearheaded the preconstruction phase, establishing a realistic budget. Currently, we are overseeing the construction of this vital community facility, and on track for completion in spring 2024. It is a privilege for our team to be involved in the creation of a top-notch homebase for those committed to the daily mission of saving lives.


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4 Vehicle Bays

for JEMS and Carlisle Fire Dept.